You break cycles of incarceration.

Resilience Education graduates leave prison ready to activate their lives, tackle challenges, and build careers.



Our course content, developed by education experts, gives students tools they need to thrive post-release.

Curriculum includes: Personal Finance • Business Fundamentals • Entrepreneurship • Negotiations • Job Readiness • Ethics


Students’ voices and opinions - not an instructor’s chalk - drive the learning in our Socratic case-method classes.


Our graduates earn certificates from top-tier business schools, build relationships with the Resilience professional network, and join a supportive reentry community.

Impact to program graduates

The entrepreneurship program helped me discover the potential I really had, helped to build my self-esteem and confidence, and to believe I could do anything I set my mind to. I learned how to handle my personal finances, overall business basics, develop a business plan. and run my own business.
— Helenia Bragg, Resilience Program Graduate

Impact to MBA Educators

Anyone who spends time in one of our classrooms would realize that formerly incarcerated individuals have much to offer their future employers and communities and that they shouldn’t be overlooked.
— Paige Hurlbut, Darden MBA Class of 2018

*This figure is based on the recidivism gold standard: 3 years out of prison.  After eight years of classes, Resilience has 14 released graduates who meet this standard.  Our number of graduates who meet this standard will drastically increase over the next couple of years; we hope and expect that our recidivism rate will not.