Goals of this platform

To provide long-term support to formerly incarcerated individuals in the areas of employment, personal finance, and education To foster community between FIPs, educators, and other volunteer coaches To consolidate a database of helpful resources for FIPs to succeed upon release

What to expect

  • It’s easy! You don’t need to have a personal Facebook profile to interact on Facebook Workplace
  • If you do have a personal Facebook page, your Facebook Workplace account is not linked to your personal page
  • You should not exchange money with any participants on the platform
  • Interactions between MBAs, program members and FIPs are organic and ad hoc (not mandatory)
  • Regular engagement is encouraged, however membership will not be revoked for latent activity
  • Formal one-on-one mentorship is not expected, communications can be one-off or repeat in nature
  • Feel free to disclose as much or as little personal information as is comfortable (Darden Prep Educator Year, and phone number)
  • Please turn on notifications for DMs or mentions to ensure you see and respond to direct communications in a timely manner Reach out to [admins] with any questions about conduct